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For Sale

1929 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 Super Sport Zagato Spider

  • Original Zagato body

  • Recently rebuilt engine by marque ​specialist

  • Previous long-term ownership


  • Ready for immediate use

We are proud to offer for sale this highly desirable supercharged Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport with original Zagato Spider body.


Created by legendary engineer Vittorio Jano, the Alfa Romeo 6C is rightly regarded as one of the greatest automobiles of all time. Launched in 1925 the new model had an engine capacity of 1500cc and was available in single-overhead cam, twin-overhead cam, or twin-overhead cam with supercharger configuration.


The 6C was supremely successful in motorsport with victories in every category entered. With the introduction of the 3rd Series in 1929 the engine was enlarged to 1750cc and in supercharged form became the fastest and most desirable 6C iteration, particularly when clothed in iconic Zagato Spider bodywork.


The original continuation logbook of our 1750 Super Sport states the car was imported into the UK in June 1948 and was registered JYH 98 using its frame no. 0332931 with crankcase no. 0422864.


Our 6C has since become a well-known and highly regarded example in pre-war Alfa Romeo circles and the accompanying history file documents a continuous history from 1948 until the car was acquired by long-term owner Michael Hirst in 1961. 


As the original engine expired around 1952 the car continued to be used with a non-standard engine. Mr Hirst, owner of Frenchay Garage, then sourced and fitted a genuine replacement Alfa Romeo 1750 engine and gearbox, which remains in the car to this day.


In 1964. Hirst drove the 6C to the Alfa Romeo factory in Milan where it was inspected. Factory correspondence on file confirmed the body is the original Zagato and that the engine (crankcase 121215071) is an originalsupercharged 6th Series 1750 Gran Sport unit. Current inspection reveals that the bonnet stamping matches the last four digits of the original crankcase number, and that Zagato reference numbers are present elsewhere on the body. The Spider body has the rare removable rear section normally seen on competition versions.


There is a letter on file from 1967 from an American owner of a 1929 Super Sport who states his belief that the seats of our SS are original and very rare. Prior to becoming aware of our car he believed he had the only surviving original examples.


As well as old logbooks, numerous original letters and invoices, the history file also contains an assortment of delightful photographs from the 1950s and 60s that show the car with the same appearance as today. The photos show Mr Hirst and his family pictured with ‘Sophia’, the name they gave the Alfa, in London as well as from the trip to the factory in Milan.


Mr. Hirst was an active member of the Alfa Romeo Section of the VSCC and enjoyed his 6C for many years until his passing in 2018 when it was placed into the care of his family until the current owner acquired her in June 2021.


Between July 2021 and March 2022, the car’s new custodian commissioned a marque specialist to carry out a complete rebuild of the engine. The block was descaled and machined, and new cylinder liners fitted. The pistons were cleaned, and their crowns refinished. The crankcase was also cleaned, and the original specification Alfa Romeo crankshaft was reground, and crack tested. New conrods were fabricated and installed and the supercharger cleaned. The cylinder head received new exhaust valves and camshaft gears and a new Dynator 2 alternator was fitted along with a new ignition coil. The front and rear shock absorbers and water pump were all stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt. New suspension bushes were also installed. The electrical system was re-wired, and all contacts cleaned. In addition, new battery and starter leads were made and fitted. Finally, the chassis was cleaned, the brake drums stripped and rebuilt and new Blockley tyres fitted to the rims.


The current owner has since thoroughly enjoyed his time with the car, which is now a reliable and useable for car for touring and events. This includes the fabrication of oil and water catch tanks, which can be fitted in case the new owner wishes to use the car for MSUK competition events.


In summary, this fully sorted, factory-confirmed genuine 6C 1750 Super Sport with its original Zagato body and a long period of single-ownership is a rare and highly desirable package.

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