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1931 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 GT

For Sale

  • Supercharger

  • Restoration completed 2012

  • Birkin/Lord Howe Le Mans-style body


  • Ready for immediate use

Created by legendary engineer Vittorio Jano, the Alfa Romeo 6C is rightly regarded as one of the greatest automobiles of all time and was also supremely successful in multiple categories of motorsport. Launched in 1925 with an engine capacity of 1500cc the 6C was available in single-overhead cam, twin-overhead cam, or twin-overhead cam with supercharger configuration.


With the introduction of the 3rd Series in 1929 engine capacity was increased to 1752cc and with the fifth Series of 1931 four variants of 6C were offered, the Turismo, Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo Compressore and Gran Sport. The basic Turismo featured a single-cam engine and the Gran Turismo was fitted with a more powerful twin-cam motor. The Gran Turismo Compressore and Gran Sport were supercharged models.


Chassis number 10914547 is a 5th Series 1750 Gran Turismo, one of only 326 GT chassis numbers allocated by the factory. The continuation logbook on file states the 6C was first registered on the 31st October 1931 with the appropriate number GT 6073. The GT is documented as being originally fitted with a Coupe body.


The earliest recorded UK owner is a Mr. Brian Wallace of London who owned the car in 1954. The continuation logbook lists a further eight owners until the car was purchased in 1995 by a collector in Worcestershire after the car had been fitted with a body in the style of the Birkin and Lord Howe 1931 Le Mans practice car.


The 6C was restored between 1995 and 2012. A slightly earlier 6C 1750 engine was sourced and was rebuilt by Peter Shaw of Grantham Lincs. Invoices on file show work included a new crankshaft, new main and big end bearings, re-bore, new pistons and new oil pump. The cylinder head was removed, stripped and rebuilt. The carburettor was restored by respected specialists Burlen Fuel Systems. As with Alfa Romeo factory practice, the engine was mounted further back in the original length (2920 mm) chassis to allow for the installation of a supercharger as per the specification of the Nuvolari and Campari team cars.


A new brass radiator shell was fabricated to Gran Sport specification with a new core and the front and rear axles were stripped and rebuilt with new bearings, the brakes shoes were re-lined, and the drums painted red. The wheel bearings were also replaced. Finally, the car was completely rewired and all brightwork refinished.


Since restoration this genuine 6C has mellowed and has only been used sparingly, the engine is still ‘running in’. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a supercharged Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 and available at a much lower price point than its more exotic brethren.


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